Space Communication
Trøllabundin - Forest Trailer
A short experimental trailer. All artwork, animation and sound design by me.
Photoshop, Blender, Illustrator, After Effects
Webgrowth Blog Illustrations (various)
Autodesk Sketchbook, Adobe Illustrator
Lantern (Frame-by-frame animation)
Tokenisation of Assets - animation
This is an outtake from a client project about Tokenisation of Assets.
After Effects, Illustrator
Chainraise Web animation
This animation was turned into an SVG/Lottie web file.
Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, javascript, HTML
Magnetik North - Peitsche (pt1) - Video
A few visuals for a song. Video footage shot on my mobile phone, with 2D vector animation, all put together in After Effects.
Adobe Illustrator, After Effects
Music: "Peitsche" by Magnetik North
Scooters - animation
Adobe Illustrator, After Effects
Motion Drive - Video
A social media promo clip for The Great Escape by Motion Drive. I used stock footage and created extra elements in Cinema4D and After Effects
Premiere Pro, After Effects, Cinema4D
Agartha Trailer
Illustrations for Expedition Agartha game trailer
Autodesk Sketchbook, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator - Explainer 2
A short social media piece to promote the endless possibilities of online learning. Conceived, illustrated, and animated by me.
Adobe Illustrator, After Effects
Blend (School of Motion) - 2D Animation
Styleframes designed by Gareth O'Brien and Lucas Brooking, soundtrack by Betamaxx. I did the animation.
Adobe Illustrator, After Effects
Retro Future Festival 2019 - video
The official trailer for RFF 2019. Footage shot on my phone, as well as a few clips from artists and previous events.
Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator
Daniel Adam - Trans AM Death - Video
Another promotional clip for Daniel's latest album. Motion graphics were made in After Effects, video footage is stock.
Motion Graphics, Music
Daniel Adam - Trans AM Death - Video
I made this short video to promote Daniel's new album. The footage is a mix of my own video/imagery and stock material, all put together in After Effects.
Motion Graphics, Editing, Music
William the Conker - 3D animation
Designed, modelled, and animated in Cinema 4D by yours truly.
3D Modeling, 3D Motion, Animation
Cinema4D, After Effects
Drums - video
Social media piece for Lee
After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop
Vinyl - illustration/animation
Vector illustration, loop animation in After Effects. Music: "hallogallo" by NEU!
Vector illustration
Adobe Illustrator, After Effects
Rustin Man and his little helpers
Instagram illustration for Rustin Man (aka Paul Webb)
Autodesk Sketchbook
Synth City - Illustration/animation
Illustration, Animation
Adobe Illustrator, After Effects -Explainer 1
The main explainer video of how the education system works. Concept, design, and animation by me.
Adobe Illustrator, After Effects - Explainer 3
Illustration, Animation, Motion Graphics
Adobe Illustrator, After Effects
Talk Talk Live in Montreux - Video
A fan girl project with footage from an old Talk Talk gig. I used Audition for cutting the audio, and then the classic Premiere Pro/After Effects tandem for editing and titles.
Video editing, motion graphics
Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition
Isometric Glasgow
Adobe Illustrator, After Effects
Reclamation Level Designs
Illustrations for the level backgrounds. The images are huge psd files with various layers that get moved in parallax fashion to create the illusion of depth.
Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender 3D
Lone Wolves Synthwave Show in Brighton - promo video
This show sadly got cancelled due to covid but this would have been the promotional video for use on social media. Footage is all stock, edited in Premiere Pro, any additional elements made in After Effects.
Motion Graphics, Music, Editing
Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition
vote - 2D animation
Social media reminder to cast your ballot in the UK. Illustrator and After Effects
Vector Illustration
Adobe Illustrator
Helen Marnie (Ladytron)
Detail from a band poster.
Vector Illustration
Adobe Illustrator
Rustin Cat
"Can you draw Rustin Man's old cat sitting in a rocking chair on his cosy porch guarding the premises with a super soaker?" Of course. I can even animate it ;P
Autodesk Sketchbook, After Effects
Story illustrations (various)
Illustrations for a cyberpunk story
Vector Illustrations
Adobe Illustrator
Jim Kerr
Portrait of the young Mr Kerr (Simple Minds)
Autodesk Sketchbook
Houses buy the sea
A still from a video I am working on in a slightly more wonky illustration style. Liberating and fun.
Vector illustration
Adobe illustrator, After Effects
Pagan Gods: Baldr
Vector illustration
Adobe Illustrator
Daughter - Vector Illustration
My daughter asked me to draw her as a teenager and gave me specific instructions regarding the ears, hair colour, wolf, and bubble tea. She has been my toughest client so far.
Vector illustration
Adobe illustrator
Minka and Moth
Vector Illustration
Adobe Illustrator
Bojo and the NHS
This should speak for itself.
Vector illustration
Adobe Illustrator
Strange Unit - Gig Poster
Pagan Gods: Cat Sidhe
Vector illustration
Adobe Illustrator
Pagan Gods: Herne the Hunter
Vector illustration
Adobe Illustrator
The drummer
What better way to rekindle my relationship with Photoshop than to capture the raw energy of Mr Harris on drums :)
Talk Talk Poster - Vector Illustration
I teased a lot out of Illustrator and my CPU for this one, and it was quite a bit more fun to make than I dare to admit ;)
Illustration, Digital Art
Arkfront - Logo Design
F*ck - 3D illustration
I suppose this sums up 2020. Made in Cinema 4D.
Claw - 3D illustration
This is a still of a moving model made in Cinema 4D. Not sure what I was thinking.
Meh - 3D illustration
Made in Cinema 4D
Traffic Warden Ghost gif
This was meant to be one of many Halloween gifs I was going to churn out this year. Well and then life happened, and this remained the only one. Made in Illustrator and After Effects, as always.
Illustration, Animation
Yawning Cat Animation
Cat breath is evil. Nuff said.
Illustration, Animation
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